RCG Business Partners

We are looking for forward-thinking and dynamic central Geelong businesses to partner with.

Revitalising Central Geelong Business Partners are flag-bearers for the future of Geelong. They are the businesses ready to succeed in our evolving city. They are businesses unafraid of change, continually innovating and putting their customers first.

If that sounds like you, fill in the registration form below, and we will be in touch.

What’s in it for you?

Be the first in the know about the progress of each project – the Green Spine in particular. Be a part of invitation-only events, and have a say in how we design each stage of the Green Spine. Be part of a network of like-minded businesses.

Plus, we will help support your business by giving you a shout out on our social media pages.

What’s required of you?

Keep being you – a forward-thinking business making a positive impact in Geelong.

We will pop in and ask you to put a sticker up in your window. And encourage you to express your support on social media every now and then – if you like, we can provide the content.

All we really want is more people out there inspiring and encouraging others to think big and embrace the positive changes happening in Geelong. Can you help?