Gheringhap Street Drain Upgrade Project Update – 29 April 2019

Tunnelling continues this fortnight at the Mercer Street end of Gheringhap Street. Planned sheetpiling installation works in Corio Bay have stopped after the construction team experienced unexpected ground conditions over the last fortnight. The City of Greater Geelong are undertaking further investigation for modification to the methodology before resuming the works with minimal disruption to the project.
The new 450m long drain, to be built along Gheringhap Street to a new outfall into Corio Bay, will greatly reduce the frequency of flooding and the length of time surface flood waters impact the CBD, benefitting local businesses, residents, visitors and developers.
The major drain will be constructed using high-tech ‘micro-tunnelling’, a technique never before seen in Geelong. This method provides the greatest cost-benefit, shortest duration and the least amount of disruption to the local community. During the construction period, traffic management plans will be in place to minimise the impact on road, cycle and pedestrian users in the area.

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