Central Geelong population set to boom

The latest count from planning authorities forecasts an unprecedented population boom in Central Geelong of approximately 1,200 extra residents in the city over the next two to three years.

The anticipated new residents will live in the 609 apartments currently under construction or approved for immediate development. A further 1,300 may follow if approval is granted for an additional 643 apartments currently with planning applications lodged or pre-application discussions underway.

The current population of Central Geelong is estimated at approximately 1,600.

The predicted growth will bring the city closer to the 30-year Clever and Creative community vision of a thriving CBD with 10,000 residents within Central Geelong.

The figures were collated as planning for Stage 2 of the Malop Street Green Spine ramps up.

The flagship project of the Revitalising Central Geelong partnership program, the Green Spine will realise the community’s long-held vision for a linear park running through Central Geelong.

The Green Spine will provide a botanical link between the city’s two existing green spaces, Johnstone Park and Eastern Gardens.

The project has been funded by all three tiers of government and will be developed one block at a time along the six blocks of Malop Street.

Stage 1, between Yarra and Moorabool street, is complete. Stage 2, between Gheringhap Street and Moorabool Street, will begin in 2020.

The following comments can be attributed to City of Greater Geelong Mayor Bruce Harwood:

These growth forecasts validate the government investment into infrastructure such as the Malop Street Green Spine.

The cranes in the sky are an indication that this public investment into Geelong is being reflected by private developers, who are capitalising on our city’s residential and commercial opportunities.

Green spaces and active transport routes are essential for the health and wellbeing needs of our community.

The Malop Street Green Spine will not only provide appealing, natural public spaces, but also vital infrastructure for these expected new residents.

Environmentally sustainable and socially supportive infrastructure is the standard for a successful UNESCO City of Design.

The delivery of the Green Spine will further cement our place in the UNESCO Creative Cities network, developing our international recognition as a creative, sustainable and inclusive city.

The following comments can be attributed to Cr Jim Mason, Chair, Sustainable Development portfolio:

“These new figures are very positive. Having a strong population in central Geelong is an important part of our plan to absorb the region’s expected growth over the next two-plus decades.

With more people living in the CBD close to where they work or study, there is less pressure on our roads. More residents also means more customers for CBD businesses.

We look forward to seeing the continued revitalisation of central Geelong as a great place to live, work and visit over the coming years.”

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