About RCG


The Victorian Government established the Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan in 2016.

The plan outlines a series of projects that will accelerate Geelong’s transformation into a vibrant city centre with a prosperous local economy.

The Victorian Government and City of Greater Geelong have formed a partnership to deliver the plan. This collaboration between governments allows us to streamline any structural, policy and physical changes necessary to complete the projects identified in the plan.

Funding for these projects has been provided from all three tiers of government in Australia, with the federal Government announcing additional funding in 2018 through the Geelong City Deal.

The delivery of the plan will boost Geelong’s reputation as a creative, sustainable and inclusive city, in line with our UNESCO City of Design designation.

Through the community-led 30-year Clever and Creative Vision, the City of Greater Geelong is working towards a goal of 10,000 people living in central Geelong by 2047.

The Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan is fundamental in facilitating this population growth.

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